Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Easy Classy Christmas Decorations

I have been making little decorations for my Christmas tree and today it seems like the perfect day to share it all with you.

The Frozen Burlap Ribbons

I found them in craft websites in US, but couldnt find any good ones in UK. So I decided to try to make one myself. 

You need -
Good quality Burlap
White fabric paint and paint brush
A snowflake template (used for Kids Christmas crafts)

All you need to do , is to cut the burlap into ribbons of width you desire (2.5 inch is a good start), and paint the snow flakes into the ribbon using the snowflake stencil. Let the ribbon dry for a good few hours.

The hanging pine cones

This decoration has been inspired from make it love it . All you need to do is to hot glue the satin ribbon bow and a jute string to pine cone. 

You can even personalize them like the one below

Christmas & Thanksgiving Wreath

You need
Store bought plain wreath
Burlap cut into diamond shapes
Jute string
Sharpie marker pen
fabric glue

Cut burlap into small diamond shapes. Fold them in half on the jute string to get triangles, and glue it with fabric glue. Once the glue is dry, Write the message on the triangles with fabric markers. Look into this blog for detailed pictures.

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  1. Excellento! Fantastic work. Thanks for sharing an Idea to help our Pre Teens