Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Home-made Dribble Bandana bib


I have been a huge fan of baby dribble bibs ever since Anna started dribbling all over her dress. And I bought my first "Dribble-On" bib on eBay for a whopping 4 pounds. I have to say the quality is good, but its big n bulky for a baby. Here is the pic of the Dribble-On 

And then I set forward to make a dribble bib which is not too big or bulky and it was a pretty easy task.

All you need is 
1. 10" x 10" square fabric folded corner to corner (any fabric which will absorb water, cotton, cotton jersey, terry towel, or even little silk for an "occasion" bib). The front and back piece can be done in different colours or fabrics as well, let your imagination run wild.
2. No-sew snap poppers
3. Triangle pattern (with seam allowance). I made my pattern out of the Dribble-On bib, but made it a bit smaller as shown in picture below.

The standard dribble bib pattern can be altered as shown below to reduce the bulk of fabric which will come under baby's neck if you fancy.

Walk with me ladies

I’m making a little dribble bib to match the pretty little dress I made for Anna last week to make it an outfit.

1. Cut two triangles from the fabric with help of the pattern. It’s always good to try the very first pattern on a piece of scrap cloth n try it around your little ones neck to make sure the size is all right. Bibs too big looks awkward and too small are pretty useless.

2. Place one triangle on top of the other, right sides facing each other, and sew on all three sides. Don’t forget to leave a small opening in the sewing line to turn the bib inside out.
3. Cut the seam close to the stitch and snipe the corners to get a clean finish when the bib is turned inside out.

 3. Now turn the bib inside out and press.

4. Top stitch the sides to give it a better finish. You can top stitch the neck line as well, but it will make the bib stiffer around the neck. I did my top stitch in a contrasting red to make it match with the dress.

5. Now try the bib on your baby and mark the position of poppers with a chalk or invisible marker pen. If you are wondering what snap poppers are and how to use it, check Ashley's guide to snap poppers

6. Wow! The bib is ready, Check out the outfit!!

PS : Wondering how to make that pretty little dress out of a mummy night dress??? Stay tuned...

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