Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How to make a duvet cover

I have been looking for a baby duvet cover for Anna's nursery but couldn't find one that I liked.Most of them in shops were either heavily color coded in pink and blue or too dull nuetral shades, and those which looked good were mighty expensive. So I decided to have a go on my own with some pretty fabric from my cupboard.

And I bet this is the simplest thing I have ever made (and you will ever make) for a baby's nursery (or your bedroom)!!!

Materials Required :-
All you need is two pieces of fabric cut to the size of your duvet + 1/2 inch seam allowance on left, right and top + 2.5 inch seam allowance on bottom

Step 1 -
Cut two rectangular fabric pieces in size of your duvet + seam allowances. You may use same or contrasting fabric for both sides, or even a patch worked piece.

Step 2 -
Make a half inch fold at bottom edge and press it. Fold again  1 inch and press. Fold once again 1 inch and press and pin it. (On both pieces of fabric.)

Step 3 -
With right side of fabric facing eachother, sew a straight seam on left and right sides, making sure that the folded bottom edges are aligning well. (Dont worry even if the top is not aligning well, we can fix it later.)

Step 4 -
Now if you are happy with the alignment of the bottom edge, sew a straight seam on top as well and press the seams.

Step 5 -
Over cast or lock the seams on left , right and top.

Step 6 -
It's time to decide how you would want to close the bottom open end of your duvet cover. Would you like to hand stitch some buttons to the folds inside  or would you prefer some simple popups ? I decided to have some pretty butterfly ties instead to add a little girlish charm to the duvet cover.

Check this wonderful blog to figure out the easy ways of wisdom for making the tie strings .

I pinned the strings to my main peice and sewed over it as shown in picture below , two stitches along the edges of the fold, hiding one edge of the string inside the fold.

Step 7 -
You can either use a few more buttons or ties and leave the whole of bottom edge open or do a top stitch joining both the sides for a few inches from sides. I stitched about 6 inches from sides to center of bottom edge , and used two ties in the center open portion. But I can guarentee you that wider the opening , easier it is to get the duvet inside.

 And here is the pretty duvet cover I have made. Guess its time to make some matching pillow cases for my little girl x

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