Friday, 17 August 2012

Home-made High Chair Cover

This is the story of how I resurrected a 5 year old high chair for my little princess.

I was given this Chicco highchair by a lady in church (which was already used by her two sons), with lots of love and lots of wear. And she told me how badly she wanted to give it away to a loving home, and I thought well, why not!! Saves money! This is pretty much what it looked like when it was given to me, the cover was torn and quite battered.

So it was left to me to make a cover for the seat. The research into new fabrics and batting/quilting and patterns took me to this lovely lady and her wonderful blog. The blog tells you how to go about making a pattern for the new cover by cutting up the old cover, and this is exactly what I did.

The photo below shows how the pieces looked like once i cut them all through the seams.

The next step is to trace the patterns into a newspaper or something sturdy just to make your life easier while cutting the fabric and batting. I used polyester batting which cost around 4.20 pounds a meter. 

Materials Required for My high chair - 
1.5 meter fabric (I used cotton), 3.25 meter matching bias binding, and about a meter of batting.

I had cut the fabric with help of the paper patterns and everything was sewn together and all edges finished with bias binding. Sorry I don’t have photographs of this bit of action. The one thing that was quite handy while sewing with two layers of fabric and a layer of batting sandwiched in between was this video showing how to use the basting spray I found on eBay UK. (ODIF 505 Temporary Fabric craft spray adhesive Patchwork Quilting Glue)

My wonderful Janome allows sewing automatic button holes, which I used to create the slits for five point safety harness. It was bit tricky to hold all that fabric under the button-hole foot, but it worked anyways.

Here are few pics of finished chair cover; Remember! all I tried to do was to put together the pieces exactly the same way as they were in the original cover. Im not giving instructions on how to do that, as it is going to vary between different highchair models. The elastic and latches came from the old cover.The back flap of the cover was sewed on top of  the front part as shown in picture below, and then turned over to back so that the cover will mould into the curve of the chair.

And Voila!! Here is my little lady enjoying her toast on her new (well, almost new) high chair!

PS : Did you notice her Union Jack dribble bib, Well that was home-made to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee of reign. Want to know how to make a no-fuss-dribble bib??? Stay tuned!!

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  1. This is the story of how I resurrected a 5 year old high chair for my little princess. I was given this Chicco highchair by a lady in church (which ...