Friday, 17 August 2012

The Stitch Ripper

Many a times have I wondered, what on earth I was thinking by signing up for an engineering degree when I had neither talent nor passion for it. But that step seemed to take me in for a rollercoaster ride which gave me a bachelors degree and a career in software industry. And after about 11 years that rollercoaster stopped with my earning the new eternal degree of motherhood.

Having Anna-Claire has changed my life in so many ways, like my morning coffee is now late morning coffee, and my wardrobe is anything and everything that fits me somehow and allows a baby feed, pedicures are long lost dreams and I don’t think I have slept for than 3 hours in a stretch for past 8 months. 

But the two very best things I gained with motherhood is a beautiful baby and lots of "TIME", yes lots and lots of time at my disposal. And to make sure I don't lose myself in this new found joy, I decided to pursue a long lost passion - Needle craft. My dear husband agreed to let me exchange my birthday gift necklace to buy a sewing machine and I am a proud owner of a Janome 7025 (John Lewis Machine) .

Also I took a small sewing course where this wonderful lady taught me how to follow patterns and how to make the inside of all dresses look as beautiful as outside. I realised a few things from the course -
Sewing machine bought with lots of love is never heavy to carry around.
Dress making and following patterns is really not my thing.
I'm so crazy about craft, that i sometimes dream about new projects.
I love Hobby Craft store.
I love fabrics and ideas.
and stitch ripper - the life saver, yep!


  1. Wow chechy...
    this is just truly great!
    never knew this... Maan it had to be through the arrival of Annamma your looong lost talents got a gateway to come out out.

  2. I am also crazy abt crafts and have got a Singer Talent. But then two kids and a hectic software job does not leave much time.

    But one day I will have some more time..Till then..

    1. I'm lucky not having to go to office :)